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We don’t just offer the ability to swap your items for credit, we also run events where you can come along and swap your items in person.

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How Swap Shop Events Works

Now more than ever, businesses are investing in sustainable practices and employee wellness programmes to help empower and educate their employees. Second-Hand Styling UK (SHSUK) is a fashion start-up that brings together commerce and social impact to help businesses journey towards sustainable practices as a company.

Secondhand Styling UK aims to support these businesses by offering one-of-a-kind events that will change how employees shop during and after work hours, bringing together teams and companies and creating a community-based experience. Businesses can book SHSUK to produce the whole event that pops up in the dedicated workspace in the morning or afternoon at a workspace. Clothes swaps have been found to help people's mental health as they can use fashion to feel good at an affordable price, and employees learn how to minimize their environmental impact.

Seconhandstyling UK has hosted nationally sought-after clothes swaps and pre-loved pop-ups with global brands such as Molton Brown and is now offering the tried and tested business model to businesses in Manchester.

Every year people throw away 85% of textiles produced. According to WRAP, consumers in the united kingdom have over 30 billion of unworn clothing in their closets. The average woman in England has 22 unworn items in her wardrobe. In rich countries, few people can likely lay claim to actively wearing every single piece of clothing in their closets.

If you are working towards a zero-waste lifestyle, you will find clothes swapping a sustainable and eco-friendly way to source new, exciting, sustainable wardrobe updates. Participating in a clothing swap contributes your quota to circular fashion. Practicing "reduce, reuse and recycle"principles lives at the heart of sustainable living and eco-friendly activity1.

Why host a B2B Swap Shop?

Hosting a B2B clothing swap allows you to do all three. To start with, it reduces the purchase of new items, meaning that your employees are taking part in the circular economy and reducing the overall business's environmental impact.

Further, you can reduce your carbon footprint as a business by educating your employees on how to reduce their own through daily lifestyle choices such as swapping and buying pre-loved. Our team of experts who host the events are there to educate and inform attendees on how to buy less, choose better, and invest in products that are made to last.

What does a B2B event includes?

The SHSUK team will host the pre-loved pop-up. It will take an hour for the ambassadors to set up the store, and this will include rails and pre-loved stock.

Employees are encouraged to bring up to 5 items of quality items that are in good condition. In exchange, they will be given 5 tokens they can use on new-to-them items.

What we except:

Women and men's clothing items are clean and of good quality without marks, stains, tears or bobbles.

What we don't except:

No activewear, PJs, pierced jewellery, or underwear ​

Attendees are encouraged to sign up for a 10 minute slot whereby they will get a complimentary styling session and then have free time to browse the rails to source their new-to-them items.

If attendees do not find any items the day of, they can choose to use their tokens for a discount on any pre-loved items at the online store.

Hosting a B2B event brings together employees, builds a sense of community, and results in a sustainable practice that can have incremental success for the overall businesses carbon footprint and environmental impact of indiviuals.

We worked for years to bring people together to exchange their clothes for cash or other clothes. These events are a great way to meet people and find fabulous preloved gems.

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Swapping Rules


No Stains

We do not accept stained or tarnished items.


No Tears

Free from any tears, unless part of the design.


Working Zips & Buttons

All must work as when purchased

No Fakes

No Fakes

We only accept branded clothing. No Fakes.

As Described

Item is as described

The item must be as you have described it


No Accessories

Currently we only accept clothing.

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